Choketopus Grappling Challenge:Pešta vs. Škondrič

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Vyberte cenovou variantu

Corona virus changed the world. Many BJJ schools encountered serious financial issues. By purchasing PPV for this event, you will help them to get back on their feet. Sixteen men under 77kg each from different Czech or Slovakian gym will fight for their share of YOUR PPV!

As main event you can expect fireworks from UFC veteran Viktor Pešta and great Slovakian MMA coach and grappling competitor Ilja Škondrič

You can choose from bronze basic ticket 200CZK (aprox. 7,5EUR), silver supporter ticket 300CZK (aprox. 11,2EUR) or golden savior ticket 500CZK (aprox. 18,8EUR). The more you pay, the more the gyms divide between each other.